Klas´ kitchen

German Recipes

Hi , everyone

I´m Klas. And this homepage belongs to my brandnew youtube-channel: German recipes.
Here you can find all the recipes, that I cook in my show on youtube.


As the words say, I´m cooking good food relying on german recipes.

Everyone knows a lot of recipes from the italian, french or thai kitchen. But what do you know about german food? Probably not too much.
I want to show you the variety and plentiness of the german kitchen, starting with the well known things like pork roast and dumplings up to things you have never heard before and would have never guessed that they exist.


I love to cook, I love baking and - first of all - I love eating.

So, be sure: Everything I show you is going to taste really good and I will just cook it for you because I think that you might enjoy it because I really like it.


So, join me on the journey into the germand world of good food.

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I ´m looking forward to your feedback and ideas. But please be a little patient with me as not everything will be perfect from the beginning as I´m just starting this thing.