The famous Red Cabbage

I love red cabbage. In my opinion, it's one of those things that's always underestimated, but really great.

First of all: Of course, I grew up with red cabbage. It is one of the most traditional dishes in German cuisine. And because it has such a long tradition, there are of course hundreds of recipes.


I remember well that my mom found herself a bit crazy when she started cutting apple pieces into red cabbage. Apple-red cabbage was introduced to German kitchens in the seventies (yes, I am that old). And it became what we would call "hip" today. People loved that they could now combine the heavy, powerful aroma of cabbage with a light, fruity note.


Nowadays, a red cabbage recipe actually always has a fruity component. My recipe in the video of course, too.

But I want to encourage you to experiment a bit. You can use fruit pieces and cook with it. For tasting fruit syrup or a jam are the perfect thing. Which variety you choose is up to you. Maybe you give me feedback about your discoveries - I'm always curious ....


Another way to eat cabbage is the salad. And I love that almost more. My husband often uses red cabbage as a base in winter to serve us a delicious, low-calorie and hearty dinner in the evening.

Here are some inspirations:

Take half a head of red cabbage - that's enough for a decent portion of salad that will fill several people.

Grate the cabbage into thin strips, either with the food processor or with a planer.

Then you can, as you wish, add ingredients to it.

For example:

Orange - filetted and cut into pieces

Apple - sliced thin, pear works great, too

Walnuts - or other nuts, maybe even caramelized.

Feta - tastes great, and the consistency is great in the  salad.

Or another cheese: If you like that, then a soft cheese in small pieces, e.g. Roquefort.

If you like the whole thing a bit more elaborate: roast a bit of chicken breast, maybe seasoned with some chilli sauce and place the pieces on the salad immediately before serving

When dressing, I would stay minimalist: vinegar, oil, salt, pepper and a sweet-fruity component such. As syrup or orange juice.

It will be best if you find out what your personal favorite is.

Have fun trying.